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          About the Show

As a military kid I've always enjoyed living in different places and getting to know different types of people.

I created "Loungin With Tony" so that people could get to know various guests from different areas of the entertainment industry in a cool, relaxed setting. I wanted a talk show where guests didn't have to come to a typical set. The guests gets to choose a place where they feel the most comfortable which allows them to just be themselves. This allows the audience to get to know them in a way that most talk shows don't allow you to. You may find that many are similar to you.

"Loungin With Tony" also gives you a peek into what hobbies/activities they enjoy doing. The best part is, the audience gets to share in this hobby/activity through me.

It's cool, it's casual, it's informative.....You're Loungin With Tony!

View the Loungin With Tony Sizzle/Promo Reel here.